The French Market


This past Summer I spent my weekends drawing at two French Markets in the suburbs of Chicago. I took my drawing board, carbon pencils and, later on, oil pastels to work directly on the spot. At the market people would ask: "Are you a student?" and "Is this for a school project?". With my college days behind me I'd always reply: "No I'm doing this because I want too".


As the weekends past I got to know the vendors, what they sell, and what they do on a regular basis. At one point I was offered free coffee and from another vendor donuts (I politely said "no thank you", even though I appreciated the offer). There were even a few regular customers who made it a point to come over and see what I was up too. 


It's an experience that I had fun doing and feel like I learned a few things along the way. Above you'll see a selection of those drawings.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.